At the Top of the World

I don’t know if you know, but Swedes should be humble and not brag (it is called the Jante law). But I am not bragging – I am at the top of the World. I and Mr D visited Burc Khalifa the world’s highest building in Dubai. An amazing 823 meter building and more than 160 stories. So yes, in the pictures I am at the top of the world.

Burc Khalifa

I have always considered myself at least decent well dressed. However, for the seven star hotel Burc Al Arab I and my hubby was denied access to the fancy restaurant where we had planned to have lunch as it is the only way to get into the hotel if you are not willing to pay around 3.000 USD a’ night. Long sleeves and long pants were required and we did not know that. We tried to talk us in, but not even the bling-bling I bought in Fujairah (the Emirate were we stayed) the owl bracelet, the necklace, and the gold scarf from Sisters (below) that I wear in the pictures could get us in. But of course my jewelry is not made from real gold and inside Burj Al Arab everything that is gold-colored is actually gold.

At the top  of Burj Khalifa there is real gold to buy from a wending machine!

Burc Al Arab

With both feet on the ground

Tunic – Vero Moda, Pants – New Yorker, Scarf – Sisters, Necklace and bracelet – Bought in UAE, Handbag – Knock-off Chanel, bought in Turkey

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