Color All Year Around

I say yes. I say yes to color all year around. It just lights up my day and maybe some other people’s day too. However to tone the color down a little bite I paired these coral colored pants with a black cardigan and my black Ecco boots. And yes, I finally found a black cardigan which I have searched for since last spring. I had to go Dubai to find one that looks like it could be bought in Sweden at MQ or any other quality brand. I might even had been able to buy the cardigan in Sweden as I bought it from Mango. However,  I don’t mind. I needed  a black cardigan and when you finally find one you can’t let the train go by . Especially not when the fabric is soft as a baby’s skin and the price is reasonable. It might also be a reason to go back to Dubai. I would for sure don’t mind that!

I have to admit that it is easier to embrace colors when you have a tan

T-shirt and colored pants – from Turkey, brand unknown, Cardigan – Mango, Boots – Ecco, Hat – Miss Sixty

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