Happy Friday!

Last night I decided to scroll through the Marni collection at H&M. I did not think anything would be left as the collection was released in the morning, but to my surprise there was a beautiful Marni dress left in my size. Yeah! I am lucky girl! I took a couple of minutes and looked through the new arrivals and the sale. I also found a little black dress at sale and decided to buy it as well. I had scored two beautiful dresses in a couple of minutes and I decided to check out before it got really expensive. If you are waiting for the twist of the story you don’t need to wait anymore, there was no dresses when I was to pay. Instead I got a message telling me that the dresses had been sold out while I was shopping. I became really annoyed! I thought that if you had put the pieces in your bag no one else could buy them! Obviously not! I wonder what would happen if I took something out of someones shopping bag in reality in H&M store? I don’t think it would be appreciated! But, I am not going to try. Instead I celebrate Friday with some lace and my present favorite necklace that I bought in UAE. Happy Friday Dear Readers!

Top – Forever 21, Blazer – Soyaconcept, Olgas hus, Jeans – Ann Taylor Loft, Boots – Tamaris, Necklace – Bought in UAE

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2 Responses to Happy Friday!

  1. Dear Anna, I know that feeling all too well! It’s happened to me several times. Now I have stopped letting myself get annoyed and disappointed because who wants what everyone else are buying anyway? You’ll end up wearing the same as everyone else! That’s what I tell myself in these situations. However, yesterday when I successfully purchased 3(three!) Marni bracelets I almost screamed with joy. Knowing how many women were fighting both online and in store over these precious items I felt victorious – had I not been so fortunate I would have used the other excuse. Now that you haven’t gotten your dresses you can take comfort in knowing that I really love that necklace of yours. It’s just the right colour on you, and perfect with the lace top. A lovely pre-spring outfit! Have a nice weekend and keep warm.

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thanks for your supportive comments, I really like my necklace and have a lot of style ideas about how to use it more! Big congratulations to your Marni bracelets! I am looking forward to see them at Highly Irregular Style!

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