Orange Tights Signal Spring

The last weeks we have had spring here in Sweden. However, spring in Sweden does not means bare legs and sandals. It means that there is no snow, about 5-10 degrees Celsius, and hopefully some sun. It is way to early to put the winter coat on the attic but the last weeks I have been able to choose my thinner winter coats most days. In case it is cold in the morning I put a scarf on top of the coat which I can remove during the day. As it was not very cold when I took these outfit photos, I did not wrap myself up in the scarf and instead just used it as a decoration around my neck. I really wished that I had a scarf in the same colors as the hat, to make this outfit a little more springish, but I don’t and that is fine. I can’t have a scarf in every color and I think I was able to put this outfit by pairing the scarf with my grey boots. And my orange tights do indeed signal spring!

Coat – H&M, Hat – Miss Sixty, Scarf – NoaNoa, Tights – H&M, Boots – Tamaris

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