Dear Swedish Fashionistas

Last weekend I aimed at get some more colorful pieces into my wardrobe. But some fashionistas had bought all colorful pieces and only left a pair of green tights for me! So Dear Swedish Fashionistas if you want to play it nasty, I can be nasty too and You gonna regret that you started this war. Let me just tell that I have been able to score this  beautiful green cardigan from Saint Tropez (a Danish brand not the city). If that don’t impress you, let me tell you that I have also been able to get my hands on some Marni pieces from H&M. Revenge is sweet!

Striped tee – H&M, Cardigan – Saint Tropez, Jeans – Ann Taylor Loft, Shoes – Jana

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4 Responses to Dear Swedish Fashionistas

  1. nice green cardi I like that with a striped top. Looks like a really chic weekend outfit. Those balloon pictures are so cute too!


  2. Jas says:

    love the stripes!

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