Saved by the Tights

So the spring is here. The last 4-5 days it has been around 10-15 degrees Celsius and it is very warm to be in March in Sweden. Actually it is warmer than it is sometimes in June or July in Sweden. Although I have been longing for spring since new year it has taken me by surprise. I feel a little bite lost and I don’t know what to wear. I weight a little bite more than last spring (at least for a while more) meaning that some of the outfits I wore on this blog last spring can not be replicated. I have to say that my box with tights is my life saver! I turn to the box every time I want to make an outfit more seasonal. This morning I pulled out these new green tights from H&M. Voila the outfit got springish! Saved by the tights! Again!

Do you have any other trick to make an outfit more season appropriate?

Last but not least, today I am linking up to Visible Monday!

Dress (worn as top) – Saint Tropez, Cardi and Skirt- Vero Moda, Boots – Jana, Tights – H&M, Sunnies – Knock-off Prada

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6 Responses to Saved by the Tights

  1. That’s the very same trick I turn to, and the same tights too! With the lovely cardigan from your last post you already have half an outfit… I just hope you still fit some of your cute skirts. Otherwise you’ll have to get some new ones in Copenhagen! The light is just overwelming now that spring is finally here, and all the dark winter colours look wrong. It’s time for a different wardrobe… I do like the beige and brown with the green, it’s like the colours you would find in nature these days.

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Tine, luckily I still fit into my favorite button down skirts (the floral and the navy) from MQ (Sunshine). It is more of a problem with some fitted skirts, pants and the fact that my belly tend to hang over the waist line. In the winter you can hide those facts under a cardi or sweather, but as it is said “what is hidden will be revealed”. However, I am to do some more walking now when it is warmer, so hopefully I can instead treat my self to some nice clothes in the right size for a work well done in Copenhagen. Isn’t these green tights the best? I love the color, that they are so comfortable, and last but not least very priceworthy!

  2. Saved by the tights! I love that – and your outfit is very springy indeed : > Thanks for sharing it with Visible Monday.

  3. Tights are great! When I want to make something appropriate for winter, I just put a turtleneck under it!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Ohhh, turtleneck is an old friend of mine. I need to reconnect to him next winter.

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