I feel so Inspired (and cold)!

I can’t with words describe how terrible cold it was to take this outfit photos and all weekend. I actually wished I had worn a hat and my duvet instead, but those items were stored on the attic last weekend when it was about 10-15 degrees warm. But, I should not dwell in the only bad part of this weekend (if too little sleep don’t count). My dear colleague, friend, and mentor C from the U.S. has visited me and we have done some shopping, sight-seeing, and run a whole bunch of interesting analyses. We have had stimulating intellectual conversations and I have got a lot of good advises about how to proceed with my analyses. I feel so inspired!  The memories from this weekend will make my heart warm for a long time to come, and I can tell you that it is needed, because the weather forecast is not a fun reading (think Sibiria!). Thanks C for all your support (both at a professional level and private, such as your nice comments about my blog) and for taking these outfit photos. I know you must have been cold too, although you wore your nice wool t-shirt.

As usually on Mondays I link up to Visible Monday hosted by the sweet Patty.

Coat- H&M, Scarf – Toast, Bought at a Second hand store in Edinburgh, Dress – Anthropologie, Boots – Ecco, Purse – Bought in Turkey

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5 Responses to I feel so Inspired (and cold)!

  1. You look lovely, and not too cold – but I believe you that you were!! The inspiration still shines through : > Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

  2. I love your scarf! Do I detect both light violet and mustard? I think the whole outfit is very elegant, with beautiful boots and a great bag. An tell me about the chill – I wore my thickest gloves today, and boots – depressing!

  3. Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

    Thanks Lovely Ladies! Tine, mustard, violet, and a bunch of other colors too. No, it is not fun to wear gloves and boots this time of the year, but when the weather is like this it is very wise. I have to say this outfit was more vain than wise, but as we say in Swedish “vill man vara fin så får man lida pin” (no pain no gain).

  4. the scarf is so lovely, I like the patchwork look, so charming. Looks great with your monochrome outfit, the matching bag has a fabulous color too. Looks like I should appreciate our warm weather here….I think I complain too much.


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