I Have High Expectations

This weekend this skirt called my name. Pretty skirts often do. It also wanted to be worn immediately and to be featured on the blog as soon as possible. I think it is so cute and charming, so I could not break its heart. It got to go with me and C on a sight-seeing tour including a stop in this cute little village. I hope the skirt enjoyed its Sunday and some spare time, because tomorrow is another day, and then I expect this skirt to work hard for me. Yes, I am a demanding boss, but only for those I love and I have high expectation off (and it is true in my professional life too)!

Thanks again C for the help with the outfit photos.

Topp – Sunshine, MQ, Cardigan – H&M, Skirt – Hillevi, Crazy Horse, Tights – H&M, Boots – Ecco, Necklace – Bought at the Saturday market in Jönköping

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3 Responses to I Have High Expectations

  1. Great photos Anna – you look adorable! The skirt is really cute – I can’t wait to see it with sandals, if we ever get to see summer weather again. From a distance the necklace looks pretty too, it’s a great length for your neck anyway. The backdrop is just perfect!

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