Happy Easter!

Happy Easter Dear Friends! What is you plan for the weekend? I have already celebrated Easter once in the office with an Easter lunch buffé where everyone brought something and yesterday together with my family in mine and Mr. D’s apartment. Both times I wore this dress as it feels very springish and Easter. I guess some people might think it is too much Easter, but I sometimes like to go all in and the fact that this dress hides my food bump makes it invaluable during Easter. However, for the three coming days away from the office I have no either plans than relaxing and take the day as it comes. The only work related thing I might do is to write a little bite on the article I have in progress, but it is so fun that it almost not counts as work.

Dress – Anthropologie, Cardigan – Numph, Så in i Norden, Boots – Ecco

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2 Responses to Happy Easter!

  1. That green dress is right up my alley! The Anthrolopogie dresses are a couple of inches too small around the bust to fit me – annoying since I like many of their styles.So, be glad that you put on weight on your belly area, and not your bust or you might have had trouble fitting the dress! Love the cardigan too, a very fresh and energetic combination.

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thanks Tine! I often also have problems with the fit around the bust (I can’t understand women that do breast enlargements larger than a C-cup) but there is a lot of stretch in this dress (and in its burgundy twin) which I am very grateful off. By the way, is there an Anthropologie store in Copenhagen? In case, I might need to stay an extra day!

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