Easter Eve

In my opinion Easter is the best Holiday. Christmas you have to plan months in advance and there is no room for spontaneousness, every single day is expected to be as it always have been. Good forbid if you don’t eat “Santa Claus porridge” on Christmas Eve (weird Swedish tradition). Yes, I know it is called tradition and it is most of the time a good thing, but come on, we don’t have to eat exactly the same food every Christmas (and all other holidays too). However, I have to tell you that we don’t eat the same kind of food  at Christmas Eve in my family any more, and everyone is very happy with it. So it is possible to make new tradition, you just need to be pertinacious. At New Years Eve and Midsummer Eve you have to attend a party or at least a dinner party with other couples, and people (at least in my age) tend to celebrate these eves with the same people. So if you don’t have any New Year’s and Midsummer Eve’s  friends at this age you are screwed. We have New Year friends, but since we several summers have been traveling we don’t have any set plans for Midsummer. I guess you understand what I like with Easter by now. Yes, I like that there is room for spontaneity, you can take the holiday as it comes, and there is not a lot of expectations. As I already have told you we spent Good Friday (which is called Long Friday in Swedish) with my family, which I feel that I need to tell you, so you don’t think I don’t like to spend time with my family and friends. But, on Easter Eve I and Mr. D did some shopping after a slow morning, then I went over to a friend whose husband worked and had some tea and Easter candy (not all traditions are bad), and in the evening I and Mr. D had dinner and watched television. If my Easter Eve is a proof of that I am boring, then I love to be boring!

I think my outfit reflects how relaxed my Easter Eve was. The dress is soft, the cardigan is soft, and there is no jewelry, except my engagement ring.

Yes, it is snow and the photos were taken this Saturday on Easter Eve, 7th of April. I need some encouraging words friends, or go somewhere warm and sunny!

As it is Monday I am linking up to Visible Monday hosted by the sweet Patty. Why don’t you jump over and get inspired by all women that have linked up.

Dress – Vero Moda, Cardigan – Mango, Boots – Ecco

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4 Responses to Easter Eve

  1. Hmmm, I am going to start a tradition of tea and candy for every holiday eve . . . You look very lovely in your green dress, with the snow (!) behind you. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Patti, if you ever come to Sweden I am happy to teach you how to have a proper Tea and Candy Cermony! It should definitely be a part of everyone’s eve tradition…

  2. kaffesoester says:

    Our snow only melted yesterday afternoon, so it’s not very warm, yet. I have high hopes for the week ahead. I love your green dress – I expect it will be great for “real” spring and summer too. I think it’s unfair that we still have to wear our winter clothes. Years ago the experts promised/threatened us that with the global warming we would have a climate like Southern France – I’d like to meet those experts!!!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Yes, the dress is actually an (old) summer dress, but sometimes I can’t wait. Hahaha I once watched a television program where they said that the Scandinvian countries and GB were the countries in Europe that made the most effort to stop climate changes, although we are the countries that would gain most from climate changes as we would get a better climate. They actually hypothesized that Southern Europe would become too warm for tourist in the summer and instead we would have more tourists so we would not only gain longer summer months but also gain from a financial perspective. And it claimed to be a serious program! However, presently it feels more like the prediction in the movie “the day after tomorrow” is true!

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