One Year of Blogging

Today my blog turns one year and I am gonna celebrate it with a summary of my first year of style blogging.

I had multiple reasons to start my blog, I wanted to have a new hobby, I wanted to inspire others just as I had been inspired by other style bloggers, I wanted to document outfits I like so I would remember them, and I wanted to explore whether a style blog would help me to  keep control of my weight.

My latest and my first outfit

Most of the times I am very happy with my “new” hobby, not at least as it goes very well together with my other hobby, shopping. However, I have to admit that it takes much more time to write a post and to up load photos than I thought. People that make nice blog post about how to wear five pieces in fifteen different ways or similar are to be admired as it takes a lot of work. I am still planning to do one of this kind of posts in the future, but first I plan to learn a software so I could make photo collages so I at least can do a post about how I have worn the same piece in many different ways (in this post I make my first attempts with a free software – ShapeCollage).

Same skirt three outfits

I might have been naïve, but I have to admit that I thought it would be much easier to get followers than it has been. I often get positive comments about my style in real life. So although I did not think I would become a new Kendi or Blondinbella (Swedish famous blogger) I thought that I would inspire some and have a decent number of followers. I suppose everything is relative and my stats seem to go in the right direction, but still there is very much of a one-way communication. I write and you read.

My third reason to write this blog was to document outfits I liked so I would remember them, as I don’t have the best memory. I am definitely very happy for my photo archive and I have created a board on Pinterest called Working My Closet so I very easily can have a look of previous outfits. It makes it easy to get an overview of what I have in my messy closet and what goes together. However, I think I use the Pinterest board less than I thought I would, and the reason is that every morning I think that I probably should take some outfit photos, hence, I always try to come up with a new version of an outfit I like. Or, I might repeat an outfit until I have been able to get it on photos and then it is often abandoned.  I know it is cruel!

Four seasons four different outfits

Unfortunately, the blog has not been very helpful at least not the last months to help me keep my weight. But I am a positive soul and think there will be better times after a long winter and three colds. In any case, the blog definitely keeps me clean and polished. Not that I was dirty and unpolished before, but overall I do care more about my outfits, my hair, and makeup than I used to do as every morning I thinks that maybe I should try to get some outfit photos today. I most days don’t do, but you never know.

I finally think that I also have to say some words about whether this style blog has affected my style or not. Yes, for sure. I do know that I have been more adventurous and tried some new ways of dressing during this year, some with better and some with less good results. I think style blogging makes me better able to identify what looks good on me and what does not, and to identify what colors and pieces that I would get most value for my money. For example, I think the simple cute skirt outfits suits my style and body type best and I have learned that I NEED a  blue cardigan (that is still to be found). Last but not least, I know for sure that I have been inspired by many other bloggers, such as to wear colored tights, or to wear a dress or a tunic as a top.

Beloved skirts

If I have inspired at least one of you to incorporate more color in your wardrobe, or to get more use out of the pieces you have in your wardrobe it would make me very happy. If not, at least I have had fun and learned new things about style and myself, and that is most important, right?

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4 Responses to One Year of Blogging

  1. C says:

    I have enjoyed your posts, and hard to believe a year has gone by. I would say that although I am less adventersome, I have worn skirts and tights more often, insipired by some of your looks. Here’s to another year!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thanks C! I know you are doing fine, and I think your style is perfect for your position and your context!

  2. gülşah says:

    tarzını he zaman beğenmişimdir bence sen çok iyi bir örneksin renklerle olan uyumun çok güzel ben seni çok beğeniyorum tek kelimeyle harika

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