I feeling a little bite lost about what to wear in the transformation phase between my winter wardrobe and spring wardrobe, and trust me I have really not been able to put nice outfits together this week. However, among all the misery of non-put together outfits I found this little detail that I really liked, a casual t-shirt with a black blazer. Now I just need to figure out what to wear it with, as I prefer to not go naked or that my bottom half or to look like an ice cream cone. Please, don’t ask me how I know about the last or if I left the house. Let me just say that my skinny jeans are like seasonal guest workers, and now the season has ended. They have served me well during this winter and have teamed up very well with my boots. But yesterday I realized that skinny jeans and flats do not serve my curves very well. So it is time to say goodbye to my skinny jeans and welcome back to my boot cuts!

T-Shirt – H&M, Jacket – Soya Concept, Olgas hus

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