My Clothes in Action

Today I gonna share some moving pictures of what I wore when I was interviewed by the local news. You actually gonna se a close up of my ring and my watch, as well of my nervous hands. The interview is in Swedish and I don’t know if it is accessible from abroad. I also have to apologize because I don’t know how to put the clip here, so I have to ask you to follow the link below and then click on the clip at the top of the page.  It is an interview with a twin couple that participate in the study I am the on-site project director of, and a little bite about the results from the study and my research.

Me interviewed in the local news

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2 Responses to My Clothes in Action

  1. Dear Anna,
    I think you did very well! The topic is very interesting and important, both in terms of health but also various social studies. And the camera man must have liked your jewellery a lot to film it up close like that! I’m so glad to have seen this film and hearing you speak, I understood most of it, so I hope we don’t have to speak English next month. And might I just add: Your make up was fantastic, you looked so beautiful! Congratulations on your first TV appearance!

  2. Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

    Thanks a lot Tine!!!!! I found it fun too that the cameraman zoomed in my jewelry. I think the make up was pretty much luck (I did it myself), but I am really found of my Loreal Mascara, my day cream from CoffeeBerry (with sun protection and some color), and my Id mineral powder, as well as my lip rouge from Clarins. I usually don’t do all these things, but I am not interviewed by the news everyday either, so I don’t think there is a need. I left a message over at your blog. Have a Nice Weekend!

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