Blogger Meet Up

This is the nice Tine from Highly Irregular Style how I met last weekend a sunny Saturday in beautiful Copenhagen.

This is what I wore at out blogger meet up, a simple jeans outfit as I had to travel for several hours. The outfit gets a little bite funnier with the green cardigan. Bear with the tired look and that my necklace not hang straight, I had wake up early in the morning and that it is not my cup of tea.

Of course we spent most of the day exploring the shops in Copenhagen and talking a lot.

This blouse is from Soaked it Luxery but it did not get to go home with me although I love the print.

Neither did this dress which is also from Soaked in Luxery. I think the dress looks more faltering from behind than what it looked from the front.

I never considered to purchase these panties.

However, I bought both this cardigan from Saint Tropez and the jeans skirt from Mads Norgaard Copenhagen. I am so glad that Tine suggested that we should have a look in the store that sold this skirt, because I could wear this skirt everyday and I almost did during the conference which was the primary reason for my travel.

I also bought this belt in Copenhagen from a flea market. Two girls were selling things from their wardrobe that they had got tired of and I scored this belt for only ten Danish Crowns. I am in love and it is leather!

I also bought these shoes before I went to Copenhagen in the city where I live. The brand is Mjus.

Happy Sunday!

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2 Responses to Blogger Meet Up

  1. Thank you so much Anna, for all the kind words! It was great to meet you!

    This outfit is so put together and stylish – I love your new shoes and the belt – 10,. kr. !?? What a great find! I think navy blue is a fantastic colour on you, and the tan leather makes it “come alive”. I’m glad you got the perfect souvenir from Copenhagen – a skirt to wear every day!

    In case you would like to add another Mads Noergaard piece to your wardrobe, you can do so online –

    A happy Sunday to you too!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thank You Tine! I think I need to come back to Copenhagen soon – it is such a lovely city with great shopping! I am so happy with the conference, meeting with you and an old school mate, and all my purchases. Thank you for the link, I will definitely check it out! All my best, Anna

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