Find Five Errors

Did you ever played find five errors as a child? Either you did or not, now you have the chance to play it. But to make it easy for you I have only included one major error in the picture.

Did you find it? Yes, the correct answer is tights in the middle of June. Sad but true.

I have linked up to Visible Monday at the Not Dead Yet Style blog.

Cardigan – Saint Tropes, Tee & Skirt – Sunshine, MQ, Belt – Zara, Handbag – Stockhlm, MQ, Bracelet – MQ,  Shoes – Bought in Turkey

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4 Responses to Find Five Errors

  1. Kaffesoester says:

    You poor thing! I’d say that the cardigan is an error too, and the glasses should have been sunglasses! I’m beginning to fear that I’ll never get to see all your sandals! Of course you look great in this outfit, but it’s not at all a June outfit! And swimsuits? Well, mine is collecting dust in the closet. I hope you get to go to a warmer climate soon. We all need it after a very cold summer up here in Scandinavia!
    De varmeste hälsninger Tine

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Right on spot Tine, if we add lack of sun tan and tired we might find five errors after all. Yes, isn’t it sad that we don’t get to wear sandals!!! I can’t even convince myself to get a new pair of sandals as my old ones haven’t got any love at all this summer. Actually, they are still stored deep in the wardrobe. And all is the Scandinavian summers fault! Stupid stupid summer!

  2. Ah, I wish I could send you some heat, we have plenty here in Florida. You do look great, and could really use some sunshine, hmmm? Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thanks Patti! I wished it was possible. It is so bad that a couple of my colleagues was found to have D-vitamin deficiency at our annual health check up!

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