Shrink Shrank Shrunk

Some say that clothes shrink in the closet. And I don’t believe them, I know it is true. I have proofs. And I have been able to replicate the findings several times. So it is an empirical finding. Most of my clothes (except a box with very tiny clothes hidden in the attic, that I almost don’t remember exists) also seem to get back to their normal size now and then, and then to get small again. Yes, I know it is like I live at Hogwarts (Harry Potter’s school for you that still have seven wonderful books to look forward to)! However, this dress – one of last summers favorites – shrunk in the washing machine. I don’t think even the most powerful wizard will be able to get this dress long again (and I definitely don’t want my height to shrink). And as you can see, it was not enough for it to shrink like one or two centimeter. The dress or the washing machine seemed to think, if we should shrink this dress, let us do it properly. And so they shrunk it at least 10 centimeter. If you don’t believe me, there are proofs below, and some ideas about how to style a dress as a skirt by tucking the top half of the dress beneath a wide belt. Almost like magic! Shrink Shrank Shrunk!

The top photo is taken in Milano, Italy and I wore:

 Dress – Gina Tricot, Camisole – Noa Noa, Handbag – Stockhlm, MQ, Sunglasses – Bought in Turkey, no specific brand, Necklace – Gift

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2 Responses to Shrink Shrank Shrunk

  1. Kaffesoester says:

    You’re so clever – it looks amazing! 10 cm? That’s a lot! That’s even worse than what goes on in my closet these days! Are you enjoying Milan as well? Have you been to the Opera? Or are you shopping all the time? Your sunglasses could be Italian, or is it just your attitude? Lots of warm wishes – Tine

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thank you Tine! Maybe someone thought that is suits me better with knee long skirts, and that person is right. However, it was a little sad and very surprising to see the length of the dress after I washed it, as it was my only longer summer dress, if not to ball gowns count and they don’t as they are not very comfortable for long journeys. Milano was nice, but Venedig was better. Stay tuned!

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