The Usefulness of a Pleated Skirt

As you might have noticed, I am very found of skirts. It is not that I don’t like pants and dresses too, but well-fitting pants and dresses do not cross my paths as often as cute skirts do. Despite this, I could not imagine how much use I would get out of a black pleated skirt. Although it is not shown in this little review, it is a piece that works all seasons, and it pairs lovely with boots. In my mind, a black skirt is as important as a black little dress, at least for women with my body shape. I have this skirt in mind for a special event tomorrow. Now I just have to find it in my wardrobe.

In the bottom left picture the skirt is used to extend the length of a dress that I think is too short.

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12 Responses to The Usefulness of a Pleated Skirt

  1. Kaffesoester says:

    Those are all lovely outfits, and the dress extension is brilliant! My favorite is the top right, with the shiny grey top!

    I think we share the trouser problem, and turning to skirts is a great solution! At the same time I’m sad that apparently it’s impossible to make well fitting trousers for curvy women!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thank you Tine! I know I know, and I wonder how hard can it be? It could not be rocket science to create well-fitting jeans for curvy women. I think I might have said it before, but Ann Taylor (U.S. brand) has in my mind the best jeans for curvy women. Luckily I am going to U.S. in November, so I can get myself a new pair.

  2. sabine says:

    a black skirt is a must as well as a denim jacket, i think, and it’s apparently chamaleonic. i can not say whether i like it best with the pink or with the silver blouse and even the other combinations are well done. by the way also the denim jacket would be great to give the skirt a casual look. i often decided to wear a skirt instead of a dress or pants, because in a skirt i feel so comfortable and nevertheless femine at the same time. enjoy the special event! lieben gruß von sabine

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Yes, I think it is a lovely idea to pair this skirt with my denim jacket to give it a casual look. If it is not too cold or rainy this weekend, I will try it. In any case, I can try it and wear it inside. Here has been raining all day long! The special event was that my first “own” graduate student nailed her thesis. I was very proud! Unfortunately not any photos of my outfit, at least not yet. Have a very nice weekend Sabine!

  3. Lisa Walter says:

    Its a wonderful thing to find the perfect little black skirt. Using the skirt to extend the dress length is a very good idea. Love all of these outfits. My favorite is the black skirt with the little peek of hot pink! Very pretty.

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thank you Lisa! It is so fun to get response on my blog posts and hear that all have different favorites, but my personal favorite is the same as the one that you liked the best. Take care!

  4. I am a HUGE fan of skirts and pleated skirts are my absolute favorite. They’re so great for bike riding because they have more volume than plain A-line skirts, but without the added bulk. I love how you’ve styled yours!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thanks a lot! I will check in your blog and maybe get some more inspiration for styling a pleated skirt?

  5. Therese says:

    Think I recognize it, and that I was with you at the buying moment 🙂

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