Life Currently

Do you think I wear this cute hat just because it is cute? Take a look below and see what I have to deal with.




Commuting in the winter takes a warm hat and a warm coat.

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4 Responses to Life Currently

  1. sabine says:

    dear anna,
    i see the difference between your winter and our winter, it is considerably. we have snow from time to time but not so much and it dissappears soon. you are living in a really winter wonderland. not the hit for a travelling person i see.
    good that you have a warm and cosy hat!
    take care of you my dear

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Dear Sabine, this was actually the calm before the storm. Today has been totally crazy, and the public transport system has crashed in Stockholm today. I was just lucky to arrive before the worst mess started, and I consider myself lucky that I was not more than two hours delayed. It is not always like this, but the last years we have had really cold winters with a lot of snow. Some people say that it is the consequence of global warming (think about the movie the day after tomorrow, if you have seen it), but people said the same in the 90’ties when we had comparatively little snow and pretty warm winters… I suppose that the only thing that is predictable about the weather in Sweden, is that it is unpredictable. Have a great evening my friend!

  2. Marla says:

    Ugh, it’s 80 degrees here and I need a little break so I can tolerate the 90 plus degree summers I have to deal with. I would gladly give you 20 degrees.

  3. Lisa Walter says:

    It looks very, very bitter cold there. Oh my. Keep track of that warm hat!

    My cousin gave me a wonderful LL Bean down coat that is nearly to my ankles and I love it…its to cozy and warm.

    Hope you are staying at least a little warm.

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