Merry Christmas


I am back. I might be pale and tired after a naughty flu, but it does not mean that I can’t wear a pretty dress and try to look cute, especially given that it is my mum’s birthday today. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we celebrate it pretty traditionally with good food, presents, and hopefully a long walk in a beautiful winter wonderland.

I Wish You All a Merry Christmas!



Dress – Anne Klein, Macy’s; Cardigan – Saint Tropez, Boots – Ecco, Ring – Ann Taylor Loft,   Diadem – Forever 21

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6 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. Lisa Walter says:

    I hope you will be feeling better soon! I’ve missed your posts.
    Your mum has the same birthday as my eight year old son….what a great birthdate.
    Despite not feeling well, you are looking very pretty. The vibrant colors really pop against the white snow and the hair is really cute. Good to see you back.

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thank you Lisa! I am feeling much better. A mother’s and father’s love, sleep, and some fresh air can do miracles. It is very nice to be back too, I have missed it. Yesterday we took some more photos, so there is at least one more post in progress.

  2. sabine says:

    dear anna,
    you look amazing in your beautiful new dress! you look as if it is made especially for you.
    i hope the warmth of your caring family and a walk trough winterwonderland will help to scare off the rest of the bad flu.
    have a wonderful christmas time my dear friend!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thank you Sabine! I just had to have this dress, although it was sold out in the store in my size, so I ordered it online. Yes, it has been very refreshing and relaxing holiday so far. Tomorrow we will have a big family gathering so I think all of us (my parents, my partner, and I) have enjoyed two very relaxed days with walks, snow, good food, and reading books in front of the fire place. Hope you have a lovely time too!

  3. marlaslife says:

    Glad your back blogging. Hope you’re feeling better. Your dress is very pretty.

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