Inspired by My Nail Polish


In my last post I told you that I had painted my nails with a color that do not work with everything, and especially not with the clothes in my wardrobe. So my challenge for this week was to find outfits that worked with the nail polish. This is what I came up with – after I had been taking a quick look at my ego-pinterest-board.  Given so many compliments I got at work, I am probably in debt to my nail polish for inspiring me to come up with this outfit. So, I think the nail polish also deserves some attention.



I also have to tell you that the sweet and stylish Tine at Highly Irregular Style has nominated to the Liebster Award. Thank you Tine! It means that I get the honor and you get to know more about me – good deal, right?! But that will have to wait until another day – so stay tuned!


Blouse – Saint Tropez; Blazer – Esprit; Skirt – Norgaard; Boots – ParkWest; Belt – One of my best thrift find

Finally, here is two pictures of how I have worn this blouse before – another piece that works during different seasons.

tiger blouse

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16 Responses to Inspired by My Nail Polish

  1. That nail polish is fabulous and I think it looks wonderful with this outfit. I love this whole look.

  2. What a glam nail polish….it will match almost anything in your closet!!!!


  3. Sabine says:

    Hello Anna,
    With this outfit you look different, but also fabulous! The blouse with the ruffles is great and your denim skirt anyway is a piece I like so much. Is’t it fun to change your style from time to time and surprise your environment?
    Anna may you do a guest post on my blog at the same time when I do mine on yours? Perhaps with one of your favorite clothes suitable for all seasons? Would be great.
    Have a wonderful weekend my dear friend!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Hi my friend Sabine!
      Might it be that I in a long time has not worn anything else than soft cardigans and sweaters that make you think that I look different? I actually have quite many blazers too, but this cold winter I have not wanted to wear them beneath the coat.
      Yes, of course, I would be very honored too, to do a guest post on your blog! It will be a lot of fun!
      Have a great weekend dear!

  4. Jane says:

    That is such an unusual colour and what an inspiring outfit.

  5. Wow… that nail polish almost makes me want to take the time to put some on mine.


    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thanks Suzanne! With Essies’ top coat it is really worth the effort as the polish normally keeps nice 5-6 days!

  6. Lisa Walter says:

    Anna, this is a really adorable outfit. I love all of the pictures of it. You look so cute and scholarly in your glasses. The sweater in that picture is really cute too.
    Love the nail polish color. I’m thinking of trying some colors that are a little more daring. I don’t have very long nails so I’m unsure. And I get distracted when polish starts to chip, but perhaps I do need to purchase the Essie topcoat too.
    You look lovely, my friend.

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thank you my friend! I have to say I am very impressed with both the base and the top coats’ from Essies, and then you can use a cheep nail polish in between, which means that you can by a color that you like from a cheeper brand (I usually buy on sale), and then it would not be a catastrophe if you use it only once.

  7. Oh, I quite like this outfit, I love the blouse paired with the skirt, the cool colors together are so nice and the blazer does a fantastic job of pulling the whole look together. The brown belt is a really genius tough, it works so much better than just a black belt would have. That nail color is stunning, it has almost an ombre look to it and that is one of my very favorite colors!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thank you Katie! There is so many nice compliments that I am blushing right now!

  8. Kaffesoester says:

    My goodness, you have fantastic nails, and you put on nail polish like a professional! The colour is fabulous, and you’ve matched it with a great outfit.
    It’s so funny how I immediately noticed that you’re wearing a (very nice) blazer and not a cardigan – a sure sign that spring is just around the corner! The striped blouse is gorgeous, and such a lovely feminine detail.

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      I am sorry to disappoint you Tine, but the close up is not my nails. I found the picture on Internet, and I borrowed it as I don’t think Isadora will mind that I do some adversitement for them for free! Thanks for the compliment! I would wear my blazers and particular this one more often if it was not so damn uncomfortable to wear them beneath the winter coat!

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