It is Not Always Bad to Have a Big Laundry Pile


I have own all the pieces in this outfit for a long time. The cardigan has been worn in a  previous post, the pleated skirt has appeared many times on the blog and I have even written a  post about the usefulness of a pleated skirt with this skirt. I know that the top is more than four years as I wore it on the photo that is on the back of my dissertation, and it was not new then. By now you should be convinced that these clothes are old. And still, it had never crossed my mind that these pieces could be worn together until one morning this week when most of my favorite clothes were in the non-washed laundry pile. The conclusions we can draw from this is that it is not always bad to be a little bite lazy and to have a big laundry pile!

I am linking up to Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.


Cardigan – Stockhlm, MQ; Top – H&M; Tights- Åhlens; Boots – ParkWest

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8 Responses to It is Not Always Bad to Have a Big Laundry Pile

  1. Sabine says:

    Hey Anna, again we had the same idea, how nice to see you in black and white as well.
    Hurra, that you give lazyness a chance to stimulate your creativity 🙂
    You look amazing in that outfit! To add a belt to the cardigan makes it very feminine and to add the yellow tights very stylish.
    I look forward to receiving your guest post. We will stay in tough of course.
    Have a great rest of Sunday and a good start in the new week my dear!

  2. Lisa Walter says:

    Anna…..I LOVE this outfit. Of course, you know black and white is my favorite color palette, but the striped sweater is such a great and versatile classic.
    I think this is a good color palette for you with your pale blonde hair.

    Haha…..I am often in that same quandary; unwashed laundry and limited outfits. Then I have to get creative!
    You look very pretty.

  3. This is a good strategy (and I have used it as well!) : > You look great in this outfit, love a pleated skirt. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  4. it is always fun to remix what we already have! I like the way you styled the sweater!!

  5. You are so right!! When the choices are limited (as in this case), you can come up with the best combinations. Love this!!

  6. This sure made me laugh. I wish I could say the same for myself, but I know I wouldn’t be that lucky or versatile. I get a lot of energy from women like you who are spontaneous and can look so put together.

  7. So cute … you look great in your outfit of last resort! I NEVER have all the laundry done at one time.

  8. gracefully50 says:

    You look so cute! Love B&W! I’d wear them everyday if I could….dirty or not! 😉

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