I am here again!

I took a break from blogging. I had not planned to take a break, but it actually felt pretty good! There is a lot of things I like with blogging and the blogging community, especially I like that I have got many new friends, and of course I like all the style inspiration. However, I don’t like how I often turn out on photos – my eyes disappears, and my smile looks corky. I prefer to think that I look like I see myself in the mirror, and when I don’t take photos of myself all the time it is much easier to believe in that picture. And when I look at myself in the mirror my eyes are not tiny and there is white parts, like in the picture below…

IMG_1523… and my smile is not goofy…


I don’t know why I look much better on the photos I take with my iPhone in the mirror (although the quality is lower), than on the photos I take with my camera.  Maybe it is because of the angles, the light, and that the photos in the mirror are often close-ups. No matter what,  I know which picture of myself that I prefer!

However, I do like how my body look in this outfit!

IMG_2293For any of you that are curious about what I have done since we last talked here comes a very short report. I have worked and I have catched up with friends and family. Yes, I am home in Sweden, but before I left Edinburgh, I got these comfortable wedges from Next.

Shirt – H&M; Camisole – Sunshine, MQ; Skirt – Sisters; Wedges – Next; Necklace – Smycka (gift from friends)

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7 Responses to I am here again!

  1. I don’t like photos of myself very much and when I take them on my computer, I get the strangest expressions on my face. I also find that how I stand makes a big difference in how I look. Your photos in the post are lovely.

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thank you it is so sweet of you to take time to leave a comment, it means a lot to me! I let you know if I find a way to conquer the camera!

  2. Sabine says:

    Hello Anna, welcome back! I missed you, but I understand that sometimes a break is necessary.
    You look gorgeous on the close-ups and very cute in your black-denim outfit!
    I love the summerly look and the fantastic sandals. With your look you are inspiring me, what I can add to my jeans jacket.
    With the pics is’s a surprising fact that sometimes with a good camera and perfect light we can not get a satisfying result and on a snapshot done by a mobile phone camera we feel fine.
    Have a great weekend my dear friend!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thank you my dear friend Sabine, I have said it many many times before but your positive comments means a lot to me! Yes, a break was necessary, but I miss all my friends when I don’t blog and I miss to not have an archive of outfits that I have worn, so I will continue to be around!
      Maybe the cameras are too good today, capturing all our small flaws? The camera inventors should find a way to make us all look our best on every single photo without us needing to use photoshop (which I don’t use)!
      Have a nice weekend my friend! xoxo

  3. Lisa Walter says:

    Hi Anna….I love your new haircut. It is really flattering on you. Glad to see you back!

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Thanks Lisa it is good to be back! My hair got a little bite lighter than I intended, but I like it.

  4. Kate H. says:

    I’m new to your blog, so I scrolled down through a lot of the older posts. You are so pretty that it’s hard to focus on the clothes. I think you would make any outfit look good. The rich coral-pink sweater with flowered scarf is an especially good color for you! I hope I get some inspiration. Keep blogging!

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