Classic with a modern touch


 When I have been absent more than usual here at the blog I always feel like that I need to explain myself, not in a bad way, but because that I believe that you might be curious what I have been busy doing. Bloggers that are absent always do exciting things, right? I am sorry if I disappoint you, but I have been working, commuting, catching up with friends, etc. You know, the usual things. To match my ordinary life I wear a classic trench coat in a pretty ordinary color. However, I think the scarf adds the perfect amount of color to the color of the trench. I also think that there is something with the pattern of the scarf that takes the trench coat from not only being classic, but classic with a modern touch. What kinds of accessories, colors, patterns do you use to transform classic pieces into summer 2013?

Despite that trench coat is supposed to be the most ordinary and invisible you can wear, at least if you should believe old spy movies, I do feel visible and ready to join the other visible friends over at Patti’s blog.


Trench coat – Sisters; Scarf – Primark

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7 Responses to Classic with a modern touch

  1. Your scarf is very pretty with your fair colouring. It lights up your face. I enjoy wearing scarves in shades of orange or coral for summer.

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Hi there! Yes, coral is one of my favorite summer colors too! Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment!

  2. Sabine says:

    Hello Anna,
    fortunately we all have a live besides the lap top, some more, some less 😀
    Sometimes it is exciting, but not tellable. Sometimes it is boring and not worse mentioning. But it’s always part of us and therefore, yes I’m curious what you are doing, while you are absent here.
    But on the other side I think real life comes always first.
    Your coat is amazing. I think it is one of these clothes that will work for years. You always feel best dressed in such a classic piece. The scarf is a beautiful addition it adds a fresh summerly look.
    You look so cute my dear!
    Have a wonderful weekend Anna
    Sabine xxx

    • Four Seasons One Wardrobe says:

      Hi my friend Sabine! I have to say that I like my ordinary life most of the days, as long as I get to travel now and then. I always feel better when I am on regular schedule, such as having food at regular hours and get my eight hours of sleep. I hope you have had great weekend and that you will have a great week! Cheers, Anna xoxo

  3. Jane says:

    I love that scarf with your trench, the colours suit you.
    I have worn my Gap trench a lot this spring.

  4. Lisa Walter says:

    I love love love the trench coat. I’ve been trying to find one forever.
    We are both working hard and our blogs are missing us!

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