Swedish National Day

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Thursday last week was the Swedish National Day and I was invited to give a speech at the celebration in the area where my parents live and I grow up. In Sweden we don’t have a very long tradition of celebrating the National Day, and it not very many years since the 6th of June became a holiday. However, in the area where my parents live they have been forerunners and this was the 25th year they celebrated the National Day with song, music, and a speech. I can’t still not understand that they invited me to speak! After the celebration it was time for a Swedish tradition – fika, which means coffee and cookies. In the countryside where my parents live they would never dream about buying the cookies, so everything was homemade and very delicious.

Since we don’t have any strong traditions associated with the National day, there is not any traditions about what to wear and not to wear. Sometime people wear folk costumes at the National Day, but I have not seen many people wear the colors of our flag, navy and yellow. Actually, it has never been in fashion to wear blue and yellow together, at least as long as I can remember. It is weird as in so many other countries the flag and the color of the flag is very popular to use in fabrics both for clothes and home design, but not in Sweden. The only time people wear navy and yellow is at sport events.

However, I decided to wear blue and yellow. The navy dress is from last summer, and has not appeared on the blog before. I borrowed the scarf from my mom. The scarf is designed by a Swedish famous glas designer Ulrica Hydman-Vallien designed for the Olympic games 1995. The necklace is cast from a medieval mold that was found in the area where I grow up about ten-fiften years ago. In case someone thought that my talk was not thought through, at least they could not complain about that I had not thought about what I wore.

Today I want to link up to Visible Monday and make my lovely country Sweden visible!



Dress – Esprit; Scarf – design Ulrica Hydman Vallien; Necklace – Slätthögs hjärtat, sold in Slätthögs skola; Sandals – New Look

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