How Do You Spell Tights?


Hi Sweethearts, I am sorry for my absence but the summer has been buuuuuusssssy. A lot of work, but some fun too, like yesterday when my cousin and his wife arranged a big party with live music to celebrate their wedding. My favorite little black dress got with me to a wedding (again) as it never lets me down. You might wonder if I wear tights because 1, it is already cold in Sweden 2, I had not time to shave my legs 3, I love tights. If you answered yes to anyone of these three options give yours self one point, if you answered yes to all the three of them you are the winner of this little contest!

Writing this makes me realize how long time it is since I last blogged. I even had to use google translate to check up how tights are spelled, and then it is bad! Well, I won’t give any promises about the frequency of posts in the future that I can’t keep, the only thing I can say is that I don’t plan to close down the blog. Bye for now!


Dress -Stckholm, MQ; Necklace – Bought in Prague; Handbag – CCC (Copy Coco Chanel); Clogs – Esprit

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