My Two New Titles

Hello Friends!

It always becomes a very long time between my post now a days. I am sure that you will forgive me when I soon tell you the reasons. I am currently adjusting to my two new roles in life.The first one is that I on the first of November became an Associate Professor. I don’t think this will require very much of changes to my life or to my wardrobe. However it did take a lot of work to get all the papers in, and then it was a loooong wait. The mean change is that I can be the main advisor for graduate students, be on graduate committees or be the opponent on thesis. I don’t think my new position will require very much changes to my wardrobe, except maybe that I will need a new suit to fit some academic occasion, but since I have not got any request yet, it is no hurry. The only upcoming event connected to the title is that I will give an Associate Professor lecture in the beginning of December, but I am sure that there will be something in my wardrobe and now is not the time or place to buy wardrobe staples pieces, as I have a growing baby bump!


Sorry for holding this as a secret for you for a such a long time (I have just entered week 27), but I promise I had good reasons! One of them was that I was not feeling great the first three months. Red traces in the face after throwing up did not make me in the mood for taking outfit photos. Another reason for keeping the pregnancy secret was that I was waiting for a decision on a big grant application, and I did not want my pregnancy to affect the decision (unfortunately the application was not granted despite that I kept it secret). Pregnancy or being a mum should of course not affect those kinds of decision, but I thought it would be better to not take any chances. So we kept the pregnancy secret a longer time that we wanted to. Let me tell you that it was not easy, when you wanted to tell the whole world about the little miracle that is growing in my body. Speaking about growing, it is already several months since I could not wear normal trousers or fitted tops, but lucky I can still wear a substantial part of the clothes in my wardrobe. Since it is  just about three months left to the due date, I will try to buy as little new clothes as possible. I prefer to spend my money on baby clothes! 🙂 By the way, it is a boy! Have a great week everyone!

I am linking up to Visible Monday!


Tee – Joules, bought in Edinburg; Skirt – Ness, bought in Edinburgh; Scarf – Indiska; Maternity tights from H&M; Boots – Rockport

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