Thank My Colleague!

IMG_1899I have a dear colleague that often gives me compliments for my outfits. Today she liked my outfit so much that she insisted to take a photo of it (could you get a better compliment?). So we went out and took a couple of photos in the stairwells. So thanks to my colleague I finally had a photo to share with you!

I have entered week 30 now, and I still feel good! I am so grateful for that! I am pretty tired  in the evenings, but on the other hand I am always tired this time of the year. We don’t get very much daylight this time of the year, and the sunny days are rare. Today was an exception though!

I am still able to wear some of my clothes, like my mustard skirt from Jan Rasco (Turkish brand) with stretch in it. The striped tee I bought at Esprit’s sale rather soon after I had learned that I was pregnant as I thought I could get use of a longer tee, and I have got a lot of use of it. One of the main reasons for not being able to use my clothes are that they are too short! The west is Forever 21 and the necklace is bought in Turkey. My boots are actually bought from an orthopedic shop, how rare isn’t it to find boots/shoes that both are good for your feet and being stylish!

I wish you all a great beginning of the Christmas season!

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