In the autumn 2010 I had gained too much weight and was mostly dressing in grey and black to hide my lingering friends (or actually enemies). My wardrobe and the pieces in it was shrinking dramatically and I did not feel good about it. Hence, I decided to lose some weight and did (please, applause!). However, since I am a notorious jo-jo dieter I wanted to explore the effect of starting a blog to keep my weight in control and maybe lose some more weight. Well, it did work for a while. In any case, I dress to look my best, and when I do, I am happy no matter of my current weight (not all days, but most). With this blog I hope to inspire other women (and maybe some men?) to dress their best, because when you feel good on the outside you will feel good on the inside! It does work the other way around too, but sometimes it seem easier to me to start from the outside. If a statement necklace and cute handbag do the trick, why not? and the good thing is that they don’t need to be new or expensive, they can be thrifted or from a chain, as long as they make my  day!

Contact: fourseasonsonewardrobe@yahoo.se


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