Let Me Introduce You to Laura


We did a lot of walking in Seoul. One of the highlights during our walks was definitely the Cheonggyecheon stream. The stream was in the past polluted and covered with an elevated road, but since 2005 this stream has been cleaned up and made into an art and nature walkway through the heart of Seoul (TripAdvisor).

Except Mr. D and I, Laura came with us on this walk. Laura Ashley the dress. Isn’t she a darling? Even if she don’t like me to tell you this, I will let you know that she is much less expensive than you might believe. The Swedish currency is currently pretty strong compared to the pound (she was purchased in Edinburgh) and it was 30% off (on everything in the store, very dangerous!), so I got her to a very good price. Independent of the price, she is very precious to me and I am glad that she came with me to Seoul. We had a great time together! However, next time we go somewhere together I hope to pair her up with a pair of high heels instead.


Dress – Laura Ashley

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Another Short Update


Another short update, with a photo from the presentation I gave at the conference I attended in Seoul. The same blue dress from Esprit as I wore when I gave my National Day talk. It is comfortable and wrinkle free, and still I feel dressed up when I wear the dress. A perfect dress for traveling!  Me like a lot!

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Korean National Dress


Dear friends, I have been absent again. Life is busy. However, it is not too busy for having some fun too. Between the scientific session at the conference I currently attend in Seoul, South Korea there was the possibility to try on Korean national dress. Could someone who loves clothes miss that opportunity, of course not!

And I won’t miss the opportunity to link up to Visible Monday, when I feel really visible!


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Swedish National Day

IMG_2370 - Version 2

Thursday last week was the Swedish National Day and I was invited to give a speech at the celebration in the area where my parents live and I grow up. In Sweden we don’t have a very long tradition of celebrating the National Day, and it not very many years since the 6th of June became a holiday. However, in the area where my parents live they have been forerunners and this was the 25th year they celebrated the National Day with song, music, and a speech. I can’t still not understand that they invited me to speak! After the celebration it was time for a Swedish tradition – fika, which means coffee and cookies. In the countryside where my parents live they would never dream about buying the cookies, so everything was homemade and very delicious.

Since we don’t have any strong traditions associated with the National day, there is not any traditions about what to wear and not to wear. Sometime people wear folk costumes at the National Day, but I have not seen many people wear the colors of our flag, navy and yellow. Actually, it has never been in fashion to wear blue and yellow together, at least as long as I can remember. It is weird as in so many other countries the flag and the color of the flag is very popular to use in fabrics both for clothes and home design, but not in Sweden. The only time people wear navy and yellow is at sport events.

However, I decided to wear blue and yellow. The navy dress is from last summer, and has not appeared on the blog before. I borrowed the scarf from my mom. The scarf is designed by a Swedish famous glas designer Ulrica Hydman-Vallien designed for the Olympic games 1995. The necklace is cast from a medieval mold that was found in the area where I grow up about ten-fiften years ago. In case someone thought that my talk was not thought through, at least they could not complain about that I had not thought about what I wore.

Today I want to link up to Visible Monday and make my lovely country Sweden visible!



Dress – Esprit; Scarf – design Ulrica Hydman Vallien; Necklace – Slätthögs hjärtat, sold in Slätthögs skola; Sandals – New Look

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Classic with a modern touch


 When I have been absent more than usual here at the blog I always feel like that I need to explain myself, not in a bad way, but because that I believe that you might be curious what I have been busy doing. Bloggers that are absent always do exciting things, right? I am sorry if I disappoint you, but I have been working, commuting, catching up with friends, etc. You know, the usual things. To match my ordinary life I wear a classic trench coat in a pretty ordinary color. However, I think the scarf adds the perfect amount of color to the color of the trench. I also think that there is something with the pattern of the scarf that takes the trench coat from not only being classic, but classic with a modern touch. What kinds of accessories, colors, patterns do you use to transform classic pieces into summer 2013?

Despite that trench coat is supposed to be the most ordinary and invisible you can wear, at least if you should believe old spy movies, I do feel visible and ready to join the other visible friends over at Patti’s blog.


Trench coat – Sisters; Scarf – Primark

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I am here again!

I took a break from blogging. I had not planned to take a break, but it actually felt pretty good! There is a lot of things I like with blogging and the blogging community, especially I like that I have got many new friends, and of course I like all the style inspiration. However, I don’t like how I often turn out on photos – my eyes disappears, and my smile looks corky. I prefer to think that I look like I see myself in the mirror, and when I don’t take photos of myself all the time it is much easier to believe in that picture. And when I look at myself in the mirror my eyes are not tiny and there is white parts, like in the picture below…

IMG_1523… and my smile is not goofy…


I don’t know why I look much better on the photos I take with my iPhone in the mirror (although the quality is lower), than on the photos I take with my camera.  Maybe it is because of the angles, the light, and that the photos in the mirror are often close-ups. No matter what,  I know which picture of myself that I prefer!

However, I do like how my body look in this outfit!

IMG_2293For any of you that are curious about what I have done since we last talked here comes a very short report. I have worked and I have catched up with friends and family. Yes, I am home in Sweden, but before I left Edinburgh, I got these comfortable wedges from Next.

Shirt – H&M; Camisole – Sunshine, MQ; Skirt – Sisters; Wedges – Next; Necklace – Smycka (gift from friends)

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West Highlands Lochs, Mountains, and Castles


In my last post I wrote that Mr. D and I visited the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh this weekend. On Sunday we took an arranged tour to the West Highlands (Scotland). It was beautiful scenery, when it did not rain. Enough about the weather, let me share some photos from my favorite stop on the tour, the Inveraray Castle, and its beautiful garden and surroundings! (More outfit photos below)




Does the castle look familiar to you? You might have seen it here! Don’t we all long for the next season of Downton Abbey, despite the tragic event in the end of the last season?


As we were going many hours in a bus, the comfort was important for me, as well as the clothes would keep me warm. So I used several layers, my new favorite scarf, my comfy black stretch jeans from Ann Taylor Loft and my Ecco boots. And surprise surprise a cardigan! If anyone noticed that I wore the same blue cardigan i three outfit photos in a row, before this, please raise your hand!

There is a lot of tours and tour companies to choose between departing from Edinburgh. We finally decided to go with Timberbush Tours on the one-day tour West Highland Lochs, Mountains, and Castles, as we did not want to have to go up extremely early in the morning and spend most of the time in the bus, which we would have had to do if we had chosen for example a Loch Ness tour. It was a good tour, but it was not terrific. The guide was knowledgeable and friendly, but I did not feel stuffed with information afterwards, and I wanted to be stuffed with information! The stops that included visits to gift shops was a little bite too long, as they often are at arranged tours. However, if you want to see pretty much of the Scottish nature (which is beautiful) and castles during one day, this is a good tour, and that was our main purpose.

Linking up to Visible Monday!




Top – Zara; Cardigan – Saint Tropez; Jeans – Ann Taylor Loft; Boots – Ecco; Bag – Stradivarius; Scarf – Unknown

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