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West Highlands Lochs, Mountains, and Castles

In my last post I wrote that Mr. D and I visited the Royal Botanic Garden of Edinburgh this weekend. On Sunday we took an arranged tour to the West Highlands (Scotland). It was beautiful scenery, when it did not … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossoms

Look what happened! The cherry trees have started to blossom! Don’t ask me how it happened because it is still pretty cold in the air, and it is not more than two weeks since there was snow on the hills. … Continue reading

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I honestly thought I usually dress pretty colorful, but looking back at my recent outfit photos tells another story. If the photos don’t lie I have worn at least one black garment thorough the whole March. Proofs below! During periods … Continue reading

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Will You Help Me?

Feeling good on the inside makes you feel good on the outside. Yes! But, as those that had followed this blog for a long time knows that I also believe in feeling good on the outside makes you feel good … Continue reading

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Easy Peasy

This past weekend Mr Sun pleased us with a visit. It was such a nice change from Uncle Cloud and Aunt Rain. Given that Mr Sun is very unpredictable, you really have to spend time with him when he minds … Continue reading

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Hat-Trick in Burgundy and Mustard

Today I submitted the biggest and most important grant application. So now I am taking three breaths and blog a little before it is time to continue. There is still two pretty big applications to submit, but at the moment … Continue reading

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Happy 2013!

 First there is a lot of in activities on this blog, and suddenly there is several posts a week. Maybe someone (like I) should be more tactical and spread out the post instead, but who want to read about my … Continue reading

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