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As I told in my latest post I am currently visiting Edinburgh. Although you could believe that the reason for my visit could be my crush for this lovely city with an enormous number of thrift shops and a great … Continue reading

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Not a Black or Grey Cardigan

I looked back on my latest outfits and I realized that the only thing I have worn the last month is black and grey cardigans. Unfortunately, I can’t say that it just happened to be what I wore on the … Continue reading

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200 posts!!!!!

So, this is my 200 post according to WordPress. Is there a better way to celebrate it than wearing one of my favorite skirts, my current favorite blouse, my favorite boots, and the love of my life colored tights! However, … Continue reading

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A Visit to the Kingdom of Crystal

Today I am showing you some photos of what I wore this Sunday, when I and my guests toured the Kingdom of Crystal that is located in the South of Sweden. These small villages such as Orrefors, Kosta, Bergdala, etc … Continue reading

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Denim Skirtoholic

After Venice we continued to Vienna. I suppose it is not fair to Vienna, but after sunny and warm days in Venice a cloudy and rainy Vienna felt pretty pale, despite lovely places such as the park on the pictures. … Continue reading

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