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On a Lighter Note

First of, thank you for your response to my previous post. It clearly shows that body image is something that do engage many of us! I did love to read all your wise and thoughtful comments. I am sure that … Continue reading

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Cherry Blossoms

Look what happened! The cherry trees have started to blossom! Don’t ask me how it happened because it is still pretty cold in the air, and it is not more than two weeks since there was snow on the hills. … Continue reading

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As I told in my latest post I am currently visiting Edinburgh. Although you could believe that the reason for my visit could be my crush for this lovely city with an enormous number of thrift shops and a great … Continue reading

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Inspired by My Nail Polish

In my last post I told you that I had painted my nails with a color that do not work with everything, and especially not with the clothes in my wardrobe. So my challenge for this week was to find … Continue reading

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Dear All, attached is a short summary of what I wore in the office this week or rather at the course I have attended. These are some of my most reliable clothes and I could combine them with so many … Continue reading

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Not a Black or Grey Cardigan

I looked back on my latest outfits and I realized that the only thing I have worn the last month is black and grey cardigans. Unfortunately, I can’t say that it just happened to be what I wore on the … Continue reading

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200 posts!!!!!

So, this is my 200 post according to WordPress. Is there a better way to celebrate it than wearing one of my favorite skirts, my current favorite blouse, my favorite boots, and the love of my life colored tights! However, … Continue reading

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