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Not a Black or Grey Cardigan

I looked back on my latest outfits and I realized that the only thing I have worn the last month is black and grey cardigans. Unfortunately, I can’t say that it just happened to be what I wore on the … Continue reading

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Christmas/Winter Style

I would like to start with thanking you that have told me that you have missed my posts, either here at the blog or in reality. I have missed you and blogging too, but there has just not been time … Continue reading

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One Blouse Worn Four Seasons

I am home. I am so satisfied with my journey. Except from working on a really interesting analyses with my colleague and friend C, I have also attended the Annual Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America (GSA), which was this … Continue reading

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Summer in November

Meet some of my clothes that made the final cut. My dear polka dot blouse and my black skirt. Some colorful accessories also got to join the party to add a pop of color, and of course sunglasses to blend … Continue reading

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The First Snow this Season

You don’t need to visit your optician, it is snow. It is the first snow for the season and although it is not very likely to stay very long, it tells us that the winter is around the corner. I … Continue reading

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Feeling Good on the Inside Sometimes Starts with Feeling Good on the Outside

I hope you had a nice Valentine’s day! I wore this at the office and in the evening I wore a pink outfit. Unfortunately, I did not wear the outfit I had planned  to (see previous post) as I had to … Continue reading

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Wear Some Nice Autumn Clothes Instead

As you can see I am embracing the autumn or as it is said in the holy Bible don’t curse the darkness wear some nice autumn clothes instead (or something like that). I already had pain in my arm when … Continue reading

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One Out of Three

So as you can tell, I am not in Sweden (the primary sign is bare legs). I am in Spain. Yes, I don’t complain it is warm and sunny. Travelling is actually one of the best part of my job, if … Continue reading

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The best accessory

This is a kind of plain jersey dress. Extremely soft and comfortable, but not a “wow-er”. So I was really hesitant of I should wear this dress or not to my goddaughters christening and I considered to wear this outfit instead. But a … Continue reading

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Either it is Rainy or Sunny

Do you think I look so happy because it is a sunny day in Sweden? Yes, it was sunny when left home but until I got to the place I had selected to take the photos it had started to … Continue reading

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